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datacenter and cloud

Digital Adoption Curve

Are you moving fast but nothing is getting done?  If so, you are not alone in this mindset. On paper, it makes perfect sense: if things are working, there is no need to make any changes… right? What you may not know could be hindering your company’s chance for growth more than you realize. In fact, research proves companies who do not adhere or adjust to certain trends are more likely to miss out on opportunities for expansion. Think of it this way: adjusting may put your company ahead of the curve over your competitors. So, as it turns out, keeping an eye out for trends can pay off. 

With so many different types of trends coming and going comes the question: how can anyone know what sort of trends will best benefit the growth of their organization? That is where we come in. Our unparalleled consulting services will work with your company and help figure out which trends may be worth keeping up with for your company to promote growth. Whether you are a public or private sector organization, Tekistry will work with your company to make sure your organization is ahead of the trends’ curves, putting you a league above your competitors.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Our methodology leads to customer success every time.

Yes, intelligent infrastructure will lay the right foundation for your organization. However, there is another important component that needs to be factored in: the needs of your customers in a company; what they are looking for and how your company can best deliver a result for them that sets your business apart from the rest. Taking employees who work remotely into account also adds another layer of complications. The Tekistry team collaborates with organizations to help them tailor the best plan of attack for their company’s clients. 

Cloud Solutions

Cloud platforms have transformed how IT does business. It is a paradigm shift in delivering operational capability to the business. Tekistry aims to demystify the myriad of options and provide a strategic, yet practical solution set to address your operational needs. Be it Datacenter migration, application specific workloads or hybrid environments; our team of experienced architects will provide critical insight to define a sustainable strategy that addresses your core business needs while setting up a scalable architectural framework.

Procurement and Vendor Management

Our procurement and vendor management services provide clients with complete lifecycle services:

•  Solicitation Preparation and Management
  Contract Management
  Vendor Oversight and Program Management
Hardware Procurement
License Management Services

Digital Workplace

In an increasingly connected world and under the current public health risks, providing your employees a full featured remote work environment is critical for maintaining operations, employee engagement and retention. Being able to work anywhere, any time and from any (or many) device is no longer a perk but an expectation. This is increasingly more relevant for the next generation of workers!