Our name says it all...


Combining the interpersonal and technological to reach better business solutions.

We at Tekistry have created a simplistic, effective approach to finding and implementing solutions for companies like yourself. Think of problem solving in terms of a sapling. Most companies tend to focus only on what lies above the surface, when faced with an obstacle. Tekistry on the other hand looks beneath and observes the state of the seed: its growth, its soil, and so forth. If any aspects of the environment are slightly off be it the climate, the soil, or the temperature, the seed will not grow. Our unique approach allows us to target the source of the problem, avoiding any unnecessary detours along the way, producing an efficient, personalized result that will put you and your organization one step closer on the path of success.

We embrace a single goal…

Drive business value for our customers by helping them get to the root of the problem and tackling it at the source.

Our differences are our strength.

What do you get when a seasoned consulting professional joins forces with a product industry veteran? You get the recipe for success. Here at Tekistry, we understand the value of diverse perspectives and complementary skill sets. This, along with our 60+ years of combined technological experience allows us to create the formula that results in innovative and efficient solutions.

Who we are
Leveraging technology to solve problems is in our DNA.    Tekistry has the formula for successful projects. We make sure the right training and support plans are put in place. 

Driving business value for our customers is not an afterthought. It is built into everything we do.

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